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Fit Chef Kitchen's Beginnings

A lot of people have asked the full story of how I ended up doing prepared meals and how Fit Chef Kitchen came to be. I've told the story to quite a few of our clients, but thought that it would be great for anyone to hear it. If you've asked me before then just completely skip this entry.

Fit Chef Kitchen is in existence mainly due to one person, Will Acker. Will was a trainer at Traction Sportsplex where I was the Food and Beverage Director. Will saw I was doing meal for myself and asked if I would do meals for him as well. From there things slowly grew with more and more of my friends asking me to prepare their meals. Eventually a side business was born.

If you saw what I was initially serving for meal prep you more than likely would not be currently ordering from me. I operated under the belief that meal prep needed to be basic and boring in order to be healthy. Soon we hired a dietician to assist in preparing meals for the professional athletes that work out at Traction. She had the nutrition knowledge and I had the culinary skills. Slowly we began to create some better dishes. I eventually began to take upon myself to learn more about nutrition.

Now our goal is to deliver amazing food that both please your pallet, as well as your waistline. We will always offer new meals and try to explore as many culinary avenues as we can.

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