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Simple Beginnings

Fit Chef Kitchen began when I started doing meal prep for myself. Soon a co-worker asked if I would do meal prep for him as well. It wasn't long before I began doing meals for other co-workers and friends. I would have never guessed that one simple request would completely change my life.

Around this time I was also working on a meal prep program for the company I worked for to feed our professional athletes. My time working with our dietician and trainers was the main starting point for Fit Chef Kitchen. It was incredibly satisfying to see these young men reach their goals.  

The more I learned about nutrition, the more I saw an opportunity to create new meals. So many people dread eating prepared meals because they're "bland" or "boring". I set out to create meals that were both healthy and delicious. I knew that if I couldn't eat it myself then it wasn't something that should be served. 

At Fit Chef Kitchen we strive to deliver the tastiest prepared meals around. We want you to look forward to our meals and enjoy eating clean. Having worked in the restaurant industry for 15 years I've gained a lot of knowledge. With that knowledge has also come the experience of working with many different types of menus. That's a big reason why our menu is so eclectic.  Come by to see what sets our meals apart from the rest.


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